New obsession

So yesterday, between classes I decided to explore Whole Foods. I’ve been there many times, usually, when I have a lot of money to spend. It is difficult buying the majority of groceries at Whole Foods as a college student! But anyway, being that I can’t live without carbs, I ran straight to the pasta isle. I passed all of the absurdly expensive veggies packed in more plastic than needed, and made my way to the heavenly isle of pasta and bread. My eyes widened like a baby deer as I pranced down the isle. I finally came across an orange box. It was called Banza. I read the whole box because the bright highlighter orange attracted me. Turns out , the pasta is made from chickpeas. It has less carbs, more fiber and protein than my typical beloved pasta.

So I made this for lunch. It has broccoli, sun dried tomatoes, regular tomatoes, roasted red pepper and the chickpea pasta. I seasoned with salt, red pepper flakes and not even a teaspoon of Jalapeno olive oil.


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