The word symptom. It brings chills down my spine and turns my face red and warm. My heart drops as fast as it would while on an adventureland ride.

I am someone with anxiety. So without any doubt, I’m an extreme hypochondriac too. What is the worst thing to do as someone who suffers from this? Check the internet.

It seems like pure insanity how easily I can talk myself into a new “disease” or “illness” but I can.

An itch on my arm turns into me researching psoriasis until I convince myself I have it. An ache in my lower back turns into kidney failure. And being a woman just makes me think I have a lot more to worry about.

So just hearing the word symptom makes me nervous as if I’m waiting for some kind of diagnosis that never comes.

I’m always okay though. But living with anxiety and being a hypochondriac is something few people would understand.

I’m learning to live with it and calm down a little bit. Symptom…symptoms… then I’m on web M.d for hours learning about an incurable disease.



via Daily Prompt: Symptom


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